Amid the pizzas, Instagram collages of crying Leonardo DiCaprios, and the clenching race for Best Picture between such an array of unrivaled films, for me, the memorable moment of the 2014 Oscars had to be the 15-second slot of Dove’s new commercial featuring all things romantic and flighty. And starring in the lead for this 60s-set ad is the most alluring of it all: Audrey Hepburn.

It’s not just because she’s one of my favorite actresses and perhaps all around icons. More captivating than choosing such a figure of grace and beauty to star in this commercial is that sadly, the star has been dead for 20 years. So why, of all celebrities, would Mars, the parent company of Dove, rely on her image and likeness for marketing? Why not go for a sponsor who’s alive and frankly, relevant to the masses that watch television today?

Simply put, because no one alive now can resonate that same idea and emotions that Audrey brings to the screen. Nothing captures the nostalgia and grace Mars is going for like she can. It’s in the same spirit that CGI technology gives us a glimpse into something we can’t replicate with any living celebrity now, a common feeling and connection for both young audiences and their elders through someone who’s already passed on with a legacy the youth can only fantasize about but not actually understand.  Technology is advancing us, while giving us a taste of what generations before us were so lucky in experiencing firsthand– it’s not exactly like time travelling, but CGI is the closest thing we have to it now.

Audrey’s likeness is recreated through full CGI, though original shots were based on a model or actress with practically all her same features. In the end, nothing captures Audrey like Audrey herself. Using countless images and researching her whole film catalog, Mars has successfully placed an era long gone right before our eyes. But this is 2014, and nothing’s ever going to be quite like the past again. So what can we do? Eat some chocolate. And maybe we’ll feel like everything this commercial brings to the table.

It has its amazing twist and homage to the whimsical Hepburn, too. Seeing a chance to ditch the stranded bus for a suave Italian stranger? Hepburn rushes into the idea, but not to swoon after this seemingly Mr. Right– he’s her one way ticket out of the town, and she lets him know it’s not all about him and her, but her getting where she needs to go. As she steals the bus driver’s cap and places it on the Italian stranger and takes the backseat, Audrey is pursuing her own needs: she throws out romance for opportunity.

Endorsement from our long-gone icons makes our hearts skip a beat. In this case, it’s not necessarily about the celebrity in question, but the way their appearance makes us feel. For modern audiences, the Audrey Hepburn Dove commercial that debuted at the Oscars is the winner, not because of the technology’s accomplishments, but for a chance at experiencing a special feeling that only the past can give us. Today’s diversity is no more exotic than a commercial like this, because the only thing we cannot ever experience is the past, the unattainable.

Experience the commercial below: